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21Mar 20

Worship services in times of COVID-19

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I hope you are doing well despite the circumstances.

Tomorrow is Sunday and for the first time there will be no church service in our church. For this reason I send you links to worship services online. You might even want to sing along!

I myself will do that too.



The official announcements do suggest that we will probably stay closed for some time. Now ideas are needed.

What I find important : Nobody should feel left alone.

This time is a good time to rediscover prayer. Pick a book from the Bible and read it as a whole (No need to start with Genesis).

I know that many have always been good in keeping in touch by phone, this is certainly something that can be expanded.

Other forms of digital communication, such as video conferencing, will be alien to many of you. But if you are stuck at home this can be the time to learn something new.

At this point I would like to expressly point out that you are welcome to call me at any time. There must be no reason. Just call if you want to know how high the snow still is in the garden.

I am happy to answer the question. And any other question too. And no question is just as fine.

God bless you all.

Friedrich Demke

17Mar 20

Covid-19 Precautions

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Following the ELCIC guidance the Martin Luther Church of Ottawa is suspending all its services until the Covid-19 virus crisis is over.

All activities in the church building by the church or some of the users of the church will cease until further notice. We don’t want to feel you left alone, so do not hesitate to call your Pastor Friedrich Demke at 613 748 9745 or use the email pastorDOTdemkeATgmailDOTcom

For your information we will attach the letter from the Bishops of our Church.

Your Presidents

Sonny Lapointe/ Konrad v. Finckenstein

Letter of the Bishops

14Mar 20

Coronavirus Information

Dear parishioners,

tomorrow, March 15th, we will celebrate worship of the word. We have been asked several times whether our church will stay open in the face of the spreading COVID-19 pandemic.

Until further notice, we will be keeping our church open. But there will be services of the word only (no communion), regardless of what was published in the RUF or COURIER. We believe that it is important to maintain our services as believers in prayer and listening to God’s Word.

We ask you to assess for yourself whether you should attend the worship service, especially if you have other medical reasons that might weaken your immune system.

With this letter we send two links that offer good and reliable information.

Ontario Ministry of Health 

Of course, the situation can change anytime,so please check our website ( if you decide to go to church. You are also welcome to call the church office (613 733 5804) and you will find up to date information on the answering machine, even when the office is closed.

As always, please call me if you have any special concerns or questions that you would like to discuss with your pastor.


Pastor Friedrich Demke

22Feb 20

Six options where to place the stained glass windows

These are the 6 options where to place the stained glass windows. On our Annual General Meeting on April 19 we will vote about these options (please see for further information the current Courier).

Option 1

(Option 1: 4 windows behind the altar)

Option 2

(Option 2: 4 windows in Mt. Calvary Hall)

Option 3

(Option 3: 2 windows behind the altar, 2 windows in Mt. Calvary Hall)

(Option 3: 2 windows behind the altar, 2 windows in Mt. Calvary Hall)

Option 4

(Option 4: 2 windows + dossal curtains behind the altar, 2 windows in Mt. Calvary Hall)

(Option 4: 2 windows + dossal curtains behind the altar, 2 windows in Mt. Calvary Hall)

Option 5

(Option 5: 4 windows + dossal curtains in the sanctuary, 2 windows behind the altar, 2 windows on the side walls)

Option 6

(Option 6: 4 windows in the sanctuary, 2 windows behind the altar, 2 windows on the side walls)

21Feb 20
“Absurda Comica Or Mr. Peter Squentz”

“Absurda Comica or Mr. Peter Squentz”

The Augenblick!-Theater (Ottawa) presents:

"Absurda Comica or Mr. Peter Squentz"
by Andreas Gryphius

Performance Dates:
Friday, February 28th, 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, February 29th, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, March 1st, 7:30 p.m.

Free admission, donations welcome.
Since there is only a limited number of seats available, we recommend that you pre-order tickets.
Ticket Reservations:

Location: Martin Luther Church, 933 Smyth Road
Duration: about 2 hours with intermission

Important notice: Due to renovations, there will be no disabled-accessible toilet available at the church.

20Dec 19


3:30 pm Christmas Vespers with German Children‘s pageant (bilingual)
5:00 pm German Christmas Vespers (with music ensemble)
7:00 pm English Christmas Eve Worship service with Communion

9:30 am Joint worship service (Demke) with Communion

01Dec 19
Chrismons – English Style Of Christmas Decorations

Chrismons – English style of Christmas decorations

Last year we decorated the church in the German style for Christmas, we alternate every year, and so this year the church is decorated in the English style. Signhild Damus explains the English tradition of Chrismons:

Chrismons – a combination of Christ and monogram (meaning symbol). They are ornaments made of white (liturgical church colour) and gold (majesty/glory) material depicting the story of Jesus.

The tradition started in Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia in 1957, and our Pastor Jon Keekley brought it with him to Mt. Calvary. Our Women’s Auxiliary sewed the whole set around 1970 under the leadership of Tina Hultquist. The Chrismons, though starting to show their age, have adorned our Christmas trees ever since.

You will find a complete list with explanation of each ornament here.

By the way: If there are two trees, the “Trinity Circle” is placed on one tree and the “Life Circle” on the other tree. If there is onle one tree, then the “Trinity Circle” is on top of the tree and the “Life Circle” is on the bottom. The “Life Circle” is about twice the size of the “Trinity Circle”.

04Nov 19
St. Martin’s Day

St. Martin’s Day

We cordially invite you to our St. Martin’s Day celebration with the lantern walk, on Friday, November 8th.

We meet at 5 pm in Martin Luther Church at 933 Smyth Rd, where the kindergarten children will put on a short play of the St. Martin’s story in the sanctuary (in German).

Then we will walk to the nearby Hutton Park with our lanterns. Afterwards we will meet in the church for a Potluck with hot fruit tea (downstairs in Mt Calvary Hall).

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