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Your church congregation is with you your whole life long. Essential stages of life are observed with special ceremonies: birth and baptism, confirmation, wedding, death. In different stages of life we pray for you or friends and relatives in our prayers of intercession, we ask God in the worship service for his blessing and we seek comfort, strength and orientation in his word. Please contact us if you are looking for somebody to talk to or if you would like to celebrate the Holy Communion at home or if you would just appreciate a visit because you are unable to come to church.

Your church congregation is always here for you. You can always approach the pastor with any question. Directly after the worship service you can easily speak to him. In urgent situations you can reach him by phone at this number (613) 748-9745 at any time or also by this e-mail : for confidential matters or    Your pastor will also be happy to visit you at home.

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