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Bible study

Every two to three weeks we meet on a Thursday evening at 7.30 pm at the parsonage to study the Bible together. We take some time to examine a specific Bible passage in more detail in order to discover something we may not have noticed before. Last year we were reading the First Epistel of Peter.

This year we decided to read the biblical verses for the sermon of the upcoming Sunday. We learn about the background and the context in which it was written. Most importantly we share our ideas, opinions and questions with each other. The following Sunday as the pastor is preaching about it, you have the benefit of being better informed and seeing what thoughts found their way into the sermon. No preparation needed.

Please,  always register by Wednesday for the upcoming Bible study.

We meet at 7:30 pm at the parsonage on 2035 Beaverhill Dr. If you need a ride please contact Pastor Friedrich Demke.

RSVP Ministries Film & Discussions

Once a month several of us come together to watch a short 10 minute film together; some ladies from our church as well as some from other denominations. The films are usually anecdotal – a look at one person’s personal struggle and how through acceptance of Christ in his/her life that person is able to move forward with the love and support of God. These films feature real Canadian people sharing stories of how God has intersected their lives. Following the video we grab a snack and delve into a discussion based on questions as well as Bible references set out in our guidebook. The discussion helps us to personalize the video content – we listen to each other, but more importantly we listen together for God to speak to us.

The RSVP FILM COLLECTION has been developed to reach those who believe – as well as for those who don’t, but may be seeking. It is a state-of-the-art audiovisual resource put together by a passionate team of Canadian filmmakers, writers, visionaries and Christian leaders to create a new set of up-to-date study materials that INVITE women to faith, INSPIRE them to grow and encourage them to INVEST generously in others.

We have been using this Video Collection as a Bible Study of sorts and have found it to be very fulfilling. We invite you to join us at future Video Days and we welcome both women and men!

We generally meet at the last Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in the Mt. Calvary Hall downstairs at Martin Luther Church.

Church Coffeetable

Directly after the worship service you are invited for coffee and cake downstairs in the Mt Calvary Hall. This fellowship is offered after the 9:30 service and again after the 11:00 o’clock service. The Church Coffeetable is an important part of the congregational life – it is a wonderful opportunity to interact, to experience community and to get to know each other.

The Church Coffeetable is prepared by various members of the congregation, everybody can help and join in. There is a sign up list if you would like to be in charge for the cake service for a Sunday. Coffee will be prepared in the morning, milk and cream are on hand, all you would bring is cake, cookies or pastries. Afterwards we wash the dishes together and put tables and chairs back to the side.

Please let us know if you would like to help.

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