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Church Council

The Church Council is the governing body of the congregation and represents the members of the congregation and the congregation to the outside world. Meetings are held generally once a month to discuss pending questions, topics of concern to the congregation and to take decisions thereon: for example about worship services, special events of the congregation, the congregation’s finances, necessary improvements to the property, shaping the life of the congregation or about public relations.

At the moment the Church Council consists of 13 elected members entitled to vote, the Pastor has an advisory vote.

The current Church Council consists of:

  • Präsident: Konrad von Finckenstein
  • Co-Präsident: Heidi Rausch
  • Sekretärin des Gemeinderats: Carole Moritz
  • Schatzmeister: Marion Fraser
  • Ute Davis
  • Klaus Edenhoffer
  • Klaus Moritz
  • Sheri Pendlebury
  • Alfred Popp
  • Esther Shoemaker
  • Silke Schwarz
  • Barbara Turner
  • Christina Wendorff
  • Barbara Zabel
  • Financial secretary: Heather Bent
  • Church secretary: Gail Smith

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting is the ultimate authority of the congregation. Here the Church Council is elected, the election of the Pastor is approved, the budget report and the financial report are accepted. The AGM is generally held in the Spring of each year, all members of the congregation are entitled to participate and to vote. Topics on the agenda of the AGM are a review of the past year’s events, reports about Council’s current plans and reports of various groups of the congregation and committees of Council. That way there always appears a diverse picture of our congregation.

The Annual General Meeting takes place following the worship service.

Find out here how you can become a member of the congregation and have a say (PDF).

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