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Our congregation has changed. For the members coming from Mt Calvary Church, the building remains the same but the name has changed to Martin Luther Church. For the members from Martin Luther the name remains the same but they left their old church building and moved from Preston St. to Smyth Rd. Together our membership has increased, and together we have thought about and reflected on our path into the future. Following these discussions we have developed our mission statement.


Respecting all of God’s creation, serving all of God’s people


The Martin Luther Church of Ottawa, based on the values of tolerance and diversity, provides spiritual guidance in both English and German to its members and friends in order to celebrate our shared faith in God. In view of the ship shaped sanctuary we say: Our community is like a ship, its sails of which are filled with God’s Holy Spirit and it carries us on our journey towards the kingdom of heaven.

As a German overseas community, we are contractually affiliated with the Evangelical Church in Germany. We are rooted in the liturgical, theological and cultural tradition of German Lutheranism. At the same time we are part of the Evangelical Church in Canada. We are a church that seeks to connect two languages, two cultures and two identities, in an ecumenically open context.


Forgiveness and reconciliationDignity, compassion and justiceInclusion and diversityCourage and openness to changeFaithful stewardship of God’s creation and gifts

These are our values grounded in our faith, our biblical and Lutheran confessional sources and our love of God and neighbor. They govern the way this church lives and practices its faith, and they will guide how we journey forward together as a church in Christ.

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