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Devotion June 28th (video)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The bells of the monastery in Lehnin have just rung, it is Saturday evening. So I am already in Germany for my further education program. Quite a surprise, that it takes place right here, were I will be serving from October on. Now my thoughts are going back to you. This is the last service in which I preach. Like you all, I had imagined this very differently. But as much as things are changing, there is also an important part staying the same. So I invite you to sing along, to pray and to listen.

I am very grateful for our musicians MaryAnn, Martin and Signhild for playing the hymns so beautifully and faithfully that everyone who wishes can sing along.

Please click the link to the file that contains the lyrics for the songs as they appear in the course of the devotion.

Here you find the link to the devotion in our church (video).

A heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who contributed to the services with readings. My special thanks also goes to our son Paul, who competently combined all these little video clips from the many individual recordings to one service.

Finally, a special thanks to you who have been loyal to the congregation in the many changes not only in recent times. I am certain that as a church with God’s help, which we have been able to experience so much, we will remain one congregation with two languages beyond the crisis.

Please keep in mind that this also requires your financial contribution.

The known telephone number in the directory will be retained, but Rev. Judith Kierschke will only begin to take her position as of August 1st. She now has received her visa and obtained her flight tickets, so that there is nothing technically in the way of her coming to Ottawa.

Services online:

Best regards, wishing God’s blessing,


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