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Confirmation classes

Confirmation classes resume after summer vacation in September.We talk about our belief, about the church, the bible, our church year and other topics. If interested we are happy to provide you a more detailed plan.

Confirmation classes are a two-year-course. New confirmands can join either year so the group is always made up of beginners and 2nd year students.

We welcome everybody interested in confirmation classes. Please contact the pastor with any questions you might have or if you wish to sign up for the classes.

More information about confirmation can be found here.

St. Martin’s Day

Saint Martin rode through snow and wind.
His horse, that carried him off swiftly…

Bishop Martin of Tours is commemorated on November 11, and on a Friday close to this date we celebrate St. Martin’s Day. We meet in the church at 5 pm where children will perform the story of St. Martin (in German). Afterwards we walk outside for a lantern procession – “A sea of light, for Martin’s night! Rabimmel, rabammel, rabumm”.

After the lantern procession we share, well, not a cloak but some big special pastry. At the end we enjoy some fruit tea and share a potluck.

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