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The church congregation offers many ways to get involved and share ideas.

Just browse. For kids & youth there are family-oriented worship services – you may find out more about them in the pages about worship services. In confirmation classes they explore in depth and think about faith and life. Youth celebrate festivals like St Martin’s Day and come together with other young Christians at an event called CLAY. If you want to participate you are always welcome.

This also applies to all the other programs and services. Just stop by when we are chatting and discussing – be it during Bible studies, film discussions or following the worship services at our church coffeetable. These are wonderful occasions to get to know each other, to listen to each other and to share opinions, persuasions and your belief.

Take a look at our Outreach section where we offer special programs for Seniors like Wheels to Meals and Senior Foot Clinic, and where the big gardening project of our congregation is presented. If you have a “green thumb” or just enjoy being outdoors you should have a seat on the garden bench, walk through the labyrinth or join the gardening group with a watering can or a weed whacker.

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