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We are happy about everybody who enters into the bond of marriage with the blessing of God. As a church wedding in Canada is also valid under civil law there are some necessary requirements. A wedding by our pastor always takes place within a worship service but is not necessarily bound to our church building.

In the church wedding people ask for God’s blessing for the success of their marriage and they profess their promise of marriage before God and before the congregation. In the centre of the celebration are love and forgiveness sustaining a marriage which is founded by the love of Christ. Together with the congregation the married couple prays for their journey through life together.

Part of a church wedding is a bible verse for the ceremony which is generally chosen by the couple themselves. Therefore, it should suit the couple as well as possible. This bible verse will be on the certificate. Most of the time the pastor will take this bible verse as the subject of his sermon. That means the bible verse also has a determining influence on the wedding ceremony.

In the preceding meeting for the wedding it will be spoken about the expectations the couple is beginning their marriage with. The procedure of the worship service will be arranged and the biblical verse for the wedding will be chosen.

The meeting with the pastor will touch on procedural questions concerning the ceremony when one spouse belongs to a different denomination or none. Generally church weddings require membership of both spouses, but if one spouse belongs to a different Christian church, a clergy from it may be asked to participate in the lutheran ceremony. If neither spouse is a member of a Christian congregation a church wedding is not possible.

We are glad to celebrate your wedding anniversary with you. This can take place within a prayer meeting in the church or the pastor could come to the place where you celebrate together with your family and friends.

Please contact the church office or your pastor well in advance of preparations for such a celebration.

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