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Worship services in times of COVID-19

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I hope you are doing well despite the circumstances.

Tomorrow is Sunday and for the first time there will be no church service in our church. For this reason I send you links to worship services online. You might even want to sing along!

I myself will do that too.



The official announcements do suggest that we will probably stay closed for some time. Now ideas are needed.

What I find important : Nobody should feel left alone.

This time is a good time to rediscover prayer. Pick a book from the Bible and read it as a whole (No need to start with Genesis).

I know that many have always been good in keeping in touch by phone, this is certainly something that can be expanded.

Other forms of digital communication, such as video conferencing, will be alien to many of you. But if you are stuck at home this can be the time to learn something new.

At this point I would like to expressly point out that you are welcome to call me at any time. There must be no reason. Just call if you want to know how high the snow still is in the garden.

I am happy to answer the question. And any other question too. And no question is just as fine.

God bless you all.

Friedrich Demke

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