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Wheels to Meals began over twenty years ago. There were a few older members who often found it difficult to get to church on a Sunday so we started having a monthly potluck and informal church service. Drives were provided for anyone needing transportation. We try to have some younger people participate to help as well. As some of the original got older the potluck became a problem, so Heather Ladouceur took over cooking the meal with the help of a few people to ensure that the program could continue. We only occasionally have a communion service now, but the program continues to be an important social gathering. People will sometimes bring friends. We also have had a few past members for whom this has been a way to stay in touch with the congregation. Anybody is welcome to join us. It is helpful to have some idea of numbers to prepare the meal, but we always have enough food to share.

Wheels to meals generally takes place on the third Wednesday of the month at 12 noon.

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