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Chrismons – English Style Of Christmas Decorations

Chrismons – English style of Christmas decorations

Last year we decorated the church in the German style for Christmas, we alternate every year, and so this year the church is decorated in the English style. Signhild Damus explains the English tradition of Chrismons:

Chrismons – a combination of Christ and monogram (meaning symbol). They are ornaments made of white (liturgical church colour) and gold (majesty/glory) material depicting the story of Jesus.

The tradition started in Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia in 1957, and our Pastor Jon Keekley brought it with him to Mt. Calvary. Our Women’s Auxiliary sewed the whole set around 1970 under the leadership of Tina Hultquist. The Chrismons, though starting to show their age, have adorned our Christmas trees ever since.

You will find a complete list with explanation of each ornament here.

By the way: If there are two trees, the “Trinity Circle” is placed on one tree and the “Life Circle” on the other tree. If there is onle one tree, then the “Trinity Circle” is on top of the tree and the “Life Circle” is on the bottom. The “Life Circle” is about twice the size of the “Trinity Circle”.

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